Tom Hoey

Cancer s!cks!  When someone you love is diagnosed with Cancer, a wave of emotions pours through every minute of the day.  The thought of what ifs and plans you have made instantly change and all because of the word and diagnosis of Cancer.  Cancer can be devastating and can destroy a person in many ways.

     I remember the exact moment when I found out the love of my life, my best friend and one day my future husband had stage 4 cancer.  I didn’t cry instantly, I sat stunned.  The first day after he was diagnosed was our anniversary.  I had took the previous night to let it sink in, with tear stained cheeks I woke up the next morning with vengeance.  I was not going to be weak when he needed strength.  I was not going to cry unless it was with him.  I was not going to make him false promises when everyone else was.  We are a team, forever and always.
     I have never seen such strength and will to fight.  There were times, negative attitudes were directed toward, Tom and the fight ahead of him.  People often say hurtful things.  He has never lost sight of winning.  He has had days when there were “set backs”.  He has put up with me when I fed him protein shakes,weight gainer, vitamins on end, take his temperate every day  and tried every pro-biotic I gave him. He continues to live a normal life and we still want our house, lives, careers and we still have goals.  I can not put into words how his strength has inspired others facing cancer.
     Chemo is where we find other couples and individuals who are facing the same situation.  He does his best to make them smile.  How selfless can one person be?!  Tom does not let anything effect him.  We have traveled to Chicago, New York and back to NJ.  The best doctors for the best man in my life.  We have met some great people!
     Tom is a paramedic.  He holds two jobs, helping others fight for their life.  He has seen some ugly situations and beautiful things such as births.  He wants to return to work but surgery and chemo has prolonged returning.
     As if fighting cancer was not enough, the cost of care is outrageous.  The support first came in a wave of a go-fund me, fundraisers and support from the union at work for time off.  Tom is now facing leave without pay very soon.  I have decided to create wristbands that can help people support the fight.  All of the money from the wristbands will go directly to Tom Hoey and his medical expenses.  The bands are black and teal for bile duct cancer.  The inside of the band has the words “strength in numbers”.  Help us spread awareness and support a great cause!



Toms PayPal is  Wristbands are $5 each and request can be sent to

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