The Social Contract

Author Jean-Jacques Rousseau states that the basis for all societal systems is a social contract. By entering into a community, we are essentially agreeing to a contract that gives us the expectations of helping one another. This contract implies that we must be good to one another in order to prosper.  From the simple state of nature, we naturally gravitate away from selfishness and towards building a community for the betterment of one another. Eventually, the end result is a complex state of society where everyone helps each other.

Do you believe entering a social contract  is the right route or do you believe we are better off alone? A study at Brigham Young University has revealed that being alone is “comparable to well-established risk factors” such as extended drug-use, being overweight, physical/mental violence, and poor environmental factors. This is among many studies that have found a direct correlation to negative health affects due to being alone. If loneliness negatively affects our health, is it safe to say that being in a community is necessary for survival?

Is it is true that we have all subconsciously signed a social contract? By helping others, strengthening community, and giving back on a daily basis —we shape our own destinies. Let us know what you think! Why is community and being apart of a social contract important or not important to you?


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